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01 April 2012

His ‘n’ Hers: a message in two bottles?

Not having a genderist agenda, I will say only that whoever has not drunk
the bottle on the left must be observing Lent rather strictly

I am calling for expressions of interest in malt whisky from readers, of either gender, who might consider joining the Malt Russky Club. This will be a private association for those in Russia and elsewhere (but in Russia initially and especially) who wish to explore the world of malt whisky in any way that is fit, proper and pleasurable. Please mail me with your contact details, and any suggestions you may have on how to approach this important subject. There can be little doubt that fluids aid fluency, and that liquids and language go together like glasses and bottles. One only drinks to learn, of course.
    You might like to take a quick look at my new website, www.whiskymalt.net which is open to visitors, though very much still under construction. Indeed there is almost nothing there but the smell of peat smoke and the memory of sea breezes. But it will give you a little bit of the flavour of how I hope the Club, once constituted, will wish to proceed.
     If you like the sound of it, why not sign up? I will be in touch in due course when matters are advanced enough that we can hold our first members’ tasting, to which you will be invited.

The WhiskyMalt motto: The night has a thousand “Aye!”s

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