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05 April 2012

Who? Where? Why? When? Watch this space for more clues...

And what might the gentleman be drinking?


  1. A single malt wiskey with a deer on a label? It's obviously not a vodka, and too pale to be a kind of brandy.

    And this gentleman has a very stylish orange t-shirt.

    1. That is a very intelligent guess, Mr acxelah (or is it Ms?), given the picture that is on the right at the moment. This wins you an invitation to the forthcoming Glenfiddich tasting (free, bezplatno and non-contributory). However you will need to "unmask" yourself, which can be done on a confidential basis to my email address as opposite. There is no need to provide any embarrassing personal information, though you do have, by law, to confirm that you are older than the whisky.
      Yours sincerely,

  2. If I'm not mistaken, the liquid looks brownish, so I'd say it's Cognac. Brandy, to be precise, but Russians call their brandy 'cognac', and the labels say 'Cognac', but only in Russian. AFAIK, the agreement with France forbids labels saying 'Cognac' in any other language unless the drink is an actual Cognac from the region of Cognac.

    1. Interesting acronym: AFAIK. I wonder if it is connected with the Scottish AIFAK (As I've Forgotten All Knowledge), an expression used when too much Cognac or local equivalent has been drunk?