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20 October 2015

More Russian editing required!

Just editing a text written by a Russian who appears to be suffering from locigal constipation brought on by ABS (Aquired Bureaucractificatory Syndrome).
It occurred to me just now that an accurate precis of the main thought in the passage I have been sweating over for at least a minute would be: "...the clarification of the simplifcation of the redaction of the abstraction..."

Why Russian businesses should use my editing services

This is why Russian businesses should use my editing services:
"Growing the actions on the aria of quality improvement for the human resources involving into performing of IT and Telecom services through the developing of a join programs of collaboration between State and Business which help to teach yang specialists including they are improvement of a foregone languages knowledge."
Is it any wonder that "the West" does not, according to many Russians, understand this country?
Since the time of Ivan the Great, the obligation has been on the subject to understand the state, not on the state to make its meaning clear to the subject. Business today has the burden of 500 years of top-down communication to overcome. It is not ONLY a question of linguistic competence, in my opinion, but a cultural problem associated with the arrogance of command.