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19 February 2012

The perils of waffle #1

I am sure that Mr Salmatov is a good and kindly man, whose career has been completely untainted by corruption, incompetence or admiration for the wrong leader at the wrong time. However, I cannot help drawing attention, in the public interest, to what seems to me a typical example of an official who has not had his words proof-read before publication.
     In the opening sentence of his article, as shown above, he says that “domestic trade and been one of the fastest growing sectors of the Russian economy, surpassing many other industries in its growth rates.” Well, obviously! How could it be one of the “fastest-growing” if it its growth rate did not surpass those of other industries?
     And the statement that “domestic trade…. surpassed many other industries” is without meaning. “Trade” is trade, and “industries” are industries. One involves exchange, and the other production. To talk about them in this way is not comparing like with like. To say that British trade is bigger than the steel industry is nonsensical. It is like saying, “Yesterday was warmer than trousers.”
     I post this notice solely in order to illustrate the perils of going into print without having your text edited professionally by me and my team of grammar hawks at language.etiquette@gmail.com

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