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18 June 2012

Brief boobs #8: “summits” wrong with the BBC

I am sorry to see that the BBC appears to be going the way of all flesh and trying to seem modern when in reality its strength is its immense and eminent “maturity”. Who ever heard of the word “summit” being used as a verb? “Climb” used to do perfectly well in the days when I was a human being. I think it is still in general use. What's wrong with it? Certainly not length.
     Maybe it's a case of wanting to be like the big smells (see Al Haig and his “I’ll no comment that” in the post: Etiquette Issues  #4 on 13 April)? Is so, perhaps that should be called “social summitting”. Bob Mulligan’ll be turning in his groove, at least he will be once he has summitted that bar-stool in Papa's Place.

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