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23 April 2016

Reagan, Gorbachev, and the End of the Cold War

A really interesting debate, producing some surprising views from some authoritative commentators (except Stephen Chone's odd claim that there was no economic crisis in the 1980s Soviet Union - believe me, there was!) on how the Cold War came to an end.

Looking beyond that, their view is that it was re-started by inept Clintonian foreign policy, and massively ramped up by the transparent idiocy, arrogance and blindness of George W Bush (my words!). They are surely right about that, though I am not convinced that Clinton's team was as triumphalist as they suggest. But I am open to persuasion. I'd've liked to have heard more on that.

Anyway, the focus is on Reagan and Gorbachov, and that is fascinating, not least as they were all involved, personally.


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