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19 April 2016

Organised crime and President Nixon - some unadvertised but surprising facts

If you are interested, as I am, in the Nixon presidency and think, as I do, that it was corrupt and legally destructive, you will be interested to listen to this programme about law enforcement under Nixon.

As President, he mounted a major offensive against organised crime, which had been neglected by previous presidents because the arch anti-crime honcho, J. Edgar Hoover, said there was no such thing or, in other moods, that he did  not have the tools to combat it.

If you have read Sam Giancana's biography you will be even more interested to listen to this. The heroes of the hour are Bobby Kennedy, which is uncontroversial, and John Mitchell (see picture), which is highly controversial since the man did jail time for his Watergate involvement. Hard to imagine, but he was a "municipal bond lawyer"--whatever that is!

A must listen for all Nixon/Watergate fans, not least as so many of the people involved are interviewed personally, or described by people who knew them.



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