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15 September 2012

Urgent! Everyone should go to the Moscow Village Fete this afternoon

I received this notice on Facebook five minutes ago:

David Morley posted in The 7th Annual Moscow Village Fete
 David Morley 15 September 12:10  
I have 5 kgs. (minus a bit) of aged GOUDA cheese to go with the wine today (only for grown-ups!). Brilliant. Tastes a bit like a mature cheddar. Made in the Moscow region specially for the event by our very own British Business Club cheese-maker, Jay Robert Close, from his own milk, from his own cow. You can taste and then buy a chunk! Bring a bag! 

I recommend everyone get over there immediately (see Facebook page for details) since it is real British weather forecast for this afternoon.

But there is a language point: is the cheese really made by Jay Close "from his own milk". He is, after all male. Perhaps Sir David really meant to say that Jay's was made "from the milk of his own cow."
     I sincerely hope so, because the last time I tasted the cheese it was excellent and I ate a lot of it. I would not like to think I was eating something made with, shall we say, unexpected raw materials.

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