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05 October 2016

Donald Trump, Harry Truman and the right way to talk about history

This is how history ought to be described. At the same time, in the early part, the speaker describes Harry Truman as an early version of Donald Trump, only less respectable. Well worth listening to in the current context - but above all: this is how the stories should be told (click on picture to be redirected to the lecture):

David Pietrusza recounts the presidential campaign and election of 1948 that pitted Democratic President Harry Truman against Republican challenger Governor Thomas Dewey.

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  1. My ancient mother, a Yorkshire farmer's daughter now in her ninety-sixth year burst out laughing a few days ago on seeing on television Donald Trump's jet, with TRUMP emblazoned on the upper part of the fuselage. The reason for her laughter: in my mother's native part of Yorkshire a 'trump' is a fart.