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17 June 2015

A beautiful and inspiring example of how to write English simply, clearly therefore interestingly

Here is a totally fascinating programme that is, on the surface, about Stephen Hawking, a most interesting man, even if you are not involved with science. 

However, to readers of this blog it has a deeper significance. Much of it is narrated by Hawking himself and, possibly because it takes him so long to write, or perhaps because he thinks so clearly, he has learned the precious art of writing SIMPLY. 

Anyone wanting to understand how to write English properly should listen to Hawking's text in this film. Every sentence is simple, but all the thoughts are crystal clear. This is how all Russians should strive to write English, as I never tire of telling my students and the people whose prose I correct. It is not the only way to write, but it is the best if English is not your native language

Now at last, I have a reference that is contemporary and I will be scattering this link in all directions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxEtofitkuE

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