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06 December 2014

A nice email from a distinguished lawyer

Interesting email about my book, The Justice Factory, from Lord Hope, ex-Lord President of the Court of Session in Edinburgh, and until recently Deputy President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. 

At the end of a long series of largely complimentary comments, including some about my references to him (which are numerous), he wrote: “All in all a very interesting, although rather mischievous, book.  Thank you for bringing it to my attention.”

I must say I feel rather chuffed, and hope that it will help draw the attention of more people in Scotland who think, especially in the light of the on-going constitutional debate, that it is important that we understand what sort of people we have as judges, and how they think, including about the constitutional question.

It is, OF COURSE, a perfect Christmas present for the thoughtful, discerning reader!

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  1. Good chap - went to my school. Rather a dry fellow, though!