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29 January 2013

The English-speaking world of educated India, the benefits and extreme benefits of speaking good English, as the Indians see it

Russian students of English will, I am sure, be fascinated to listen to this programme, The Goddess of English, which was broadcast recently on BBC Radio 4. It is about the status and usefulness of English in India today.
     The narrator is an Indian and the programme makes it clear why British people and Indians feel so much at home in each other's company (at least the estimated 12% of the Indian population - 140 million - who speak English). Language really is one of the most important “hands across the water, hands across the sea”. Indians have got that message as far as English is concerned. Let's hope Russians get it too, pace Zhirinovsky (see post 24 January).  I'll say no more, except that the programme amazed, fascinated and charmed me.
     Try it!

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