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09 July 2012

Connoisseur’s Choice #4: “Thank you” to all blog supporters

Scottish traditional music at  Шотландская Клетка
A good Glenfiddich helps it go with a lilt!
A wonderful evening was had by all last Thursday at Moscow's new Scottish-themed restaurant where Glenfiddich generously sponsored a tasting of their excellent malts for twelve of those who had won competitions which I had set in various blog entries in the past, or who had volunteered for tastings as advertised at the Glenfiddich advertisement at the top of the blog (see right).
     Glenfiddich needs no introduction, and anyone who is interested can get further information by clicking on the advertisement which will take them through to the company's site. But the restaurant, Шотландская Клетка is new and deserves a boost, partly due to its excellent food, partly due to its courteous and attentive staff and partly also for the interesting live music which seems to be a feature of nights there.
     For those of you who have not experienced it yet, Шотландская Клетка is at 27/29 Sretenka, near Sukharevskaya Metro station. Phone 495 608 0654, or see site: www.restorankletka.ru .
     Finally, I should note that further events of this sort are planned, so make sure you enter for any of the stilly competitions this blog holds, or register your interest direct in attending them by mailing me on language.etiquette@gmail.com . Slainte!

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