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08 May 2012

Voice of Russia: a laughing stock?

Busy with more interesting things yesterday, I did not notice any of the coverage of President Putin’s inauguration. Then a Canadian friend sent me an astonishing message:
     “They cannot even spell ‘inauguration’,” he wrote (his capitals)

President Putin Innaugurated

If you don’t believe me, see  http://english.ruvr.ru/2012_05_07/74054153/  
     My friend also wrote:
“Tell me please that we are not slipping back into 1984 mentality. What totally irresponsible garbage this selection of prose is. Is this the official state of the Voice of Russia, 2012? Do I hear the click of jackboots somewhere? Terrible.”
     Over the top? Judge the contents of the article for yourself.

-                     The President was “elected in one of the most closely watched and one of the most unprecedentedly transparent elections ever held in modern history.”

-                     Not only for Russians but “for many countries and many people the world over, it is also a new dawn.”

-                     The implications are vast: “Many look to Russia and in particular to Vladimir Putin as the last hope to counter the global expansion and what many see as the subjugation and enslavement of the world by the culturally insensitive and morally destitute west and its surrogates.” Only one man stands between us all and the socio-political abyss: “As a genius in global politics and the leader of the largest country in the world Vladimir Putin is perhaps the only leader in the world who has the potential and the chance to return the world to its once multi-polar state, something that people all over the world are dreaming of as they become more and more disillusioned with the US and its fast food culture and policy of pre-emptive aggressive war and its blatant global military expansion.”

-                     Perhaps you read about the police beatings at Bolotnaya Ploshchad on Sunday? This is what really happened: “Western backed forces attempted to stage acts of provocation.”

-                     The piece ends with a description of President Putin: “A moral, upstanding, humble, intelligent, capable, strong and tireless leader with an immaculate political record, long term vision for Russia and the Russian people and the courage to draw the line when it is necessary, is now to run the largest country in the world once again and to lead it into a bright future and must be supported by all of us.”

      The author of the piece is said to be one John Robles. Perhaps it is all a joke, and that name is a knowing wink to insiders, with the miss-spelling in the headline as our clue. After all, everyone knows who “John Roubles” is, sometimes spelled “Rubles”…
     Have a bright day!

Another moral, upstanding, humble, intelligent, capable, strong and tireless leader shows his adoring people the direction in which the Americans might be found. “And don't forget the fast food outlets,” he is said to have added, with that endearingly enigmatic smile for which he was known by all progressive peoples world-wide.
     “Don't you worry, sir,” the sergeant replied. “We'll fry 'em good!”

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